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Alvaro Bautista is a Spanish motorcycle road racer. He was born on November 21, 1984, in Talavera de la Reina, Spain. Bautista has competed in various motorcycle racing championships throughout his career. Show your support for Alvaro Bautista by purchasing merchandise from our store, and enjoy the added bonus of free shipping on your order.

He has competed in various championships throughout his career. Starting in the 125cc class, he moved up to the 250cc category. Where he achieved notable success, finishing as the championship runner-up. Bautista then transitioned to MotoGP in 2010, riding for different teams, including Suzuki and Ducati. In 2019, he made a significant career change by joining the Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK). Where he enjoyed immediate success with the Racing – Ducati team. While his results varied in subsequent seasons, Bautista’s contributions to motorcycle racing have made him a notable figure in the sport.

Alvaro Bautista Bio:

Rider NameAlvaro Bautista
BornTalavera de la Reina, Spain (November 21, 1984)
Height169 cm
Rider Number1
Current Racing – Ducati (2023)
WSBK Wins1
WSBK Best1st position in 2022
WSBK Active Years2019-current 2023 (5 years)

Alvaro Bautista Merchandise

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Alvaro Bautista Suits

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Alvaro Bautista Leather Suit Ducati Aruba.It WSBK Suit 2023 Back
Alvaro Bautista Leather Suit Ducati Aruba.It WSBK Suit 2023 Back
Alvaro Bautista Leather Suit Ducati Aruba.It WSBK Suit 2023 Front
Alvaro Bautista Leather Suit Ducati Aruba.It WSBK Suit 2023 Front

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