Marq Marquez Honda Repsol Leather Suit Motorcycle MotoGP 2020


Marc Marquez Ducati Leather Suit Motorcycle MotoGP 2020 for MM Fan Because they feel more protective during bike riding

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Marq Marquez Honda Repsol Leather Suit Motorcycle MotoGP

Particular leather suit directed through the standardized material including specially processed leather and CE verified stuff.  The amalgamation reinforces the suit with multi-dimensional protection to keep the bikers injured free on the track and street. Marc Marquez MotoGP 2020 Motorcycle Leather suit Specification below….

  • Quality grain leather is drum dyed and processed to form this special suit.
  • To resist the abrasion and firmness internal premium leather stays unsurpassed.
  • To safe the knees, shoulders and elbow CE approved internal protection attached to the specific areas.
  • Elbows, hips, shoulders and knees’ safety got accurately secure with the additional leather layer to reduce the scratches.
  • Chaz Davies formed with foam padding, semi auto-lock YKK zipper and pre- curved sleeves to sustain the perfect riding position with intensified safety.
  • Body protection enhanced with doubled & triple stitching layers and separable thick spine protector.
  • Removable high protected knee slider and armors at elbows, shoulders and knees attached to the suit.
  • Critical body areas can be protected with rubber padding while backbone and neck with aerodynamic speed hump on the request.

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Suit’s construction material and specification

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